We are in the midst of West Norwegian winter adventure, a short ride from (extensive) ski resorts, but also at the doorstep of untouched white spaces of snow

The cluster of cabins at Stalheim is situated 400 above sea level in an area with plenty of snow. You can put on your skis by the cabins and stride up Brekkedalen, a beautiful West Norwegian valley. Four km in the opposite direction is Brandsetdalen, a wide valley with smoother, East Norwegian type terrain, suitable for easy cross country touring.

The nearest ski lift is the chairlift at Oppheim, 10 minutes away, and it is not far to drive to the large ski resorts at Voss and Myrkdalen. Both places have modern facilities for alpine and cross country skiing, biathlon, snowboard and all sorts of new sports on ski with steel edges in various shapes.


Brandsetdalen has a skiing terrain similar to East Norwegian gentle plains. This valley does not have typical West Norwegian terrain with steep hills to climb and demanding decends, but smoother hills with no danger of avalanches. If is a peaceful area, well suited for touring with a child in "pulk", the covered sledge designed to be pulled by a skier. Here is seldom fog, unlike many other places in the mountain. It is easy to keep in touch with were you are, and find the way back. The car park 4 km from the cabins is a good starting point.

Top tours

Brandsetdalen is also an excellent starting point for top tours with even climb. Also other parts of Vossestrand area have fine mountain tops, ideal for top tours. Ask locals or check out leaflets describing the routes.

Myrkdalen - West Norway's best ski resort

Myrkdalen is only 20 minutes away by car. Lifts, slopes and all sorts of facilities have been under rapid development for a few years, and new activities keep popping up. Their second chairlift seating six in each row, is to be opened in December 2013. Thereby the ski lift capacity is increased to more than 5000 skiers at any time. World Championships in freestyle skiing were held here in the winter of 2013. Champions were celebrated in moguls, aerials, slopestyle and skicross. On this occasion

New slopes and jumps where built, and the new Myrkdalen Hotel was opened. The hotel has high standard and several restaurants. The ski lift company offers a wide variety of lifts, slopes, and areas for children and beginners. A magic carpet pulls the youngest skiers uphill. The slopes run 400 to 1100 metres above sea level. Myrkdalen has more snow than most places in West Norway, and the skiing season normally starts in November.

Voss Resort Bavallen - ski resort with tradition and variation

The Voss Resort area in and around Bavallen is reached in approx. 30 minutes. Bavallen has had ski jumping hill and alpine slopes with ski lift since just after World War II. Cable Car, restaurant and a single chair lift at Hangur mountain, right above the town sentre, was opened in 1963, and Voss became a tourist destination also in winter. Later a number of lifts, slopes and restaurants have been established. Voss has hosted a number of Nordic as well alpine and freestyle ski championships and other major events, included Word Cup.

Voss Ski- og Tursenter

The new center for cross country, biathlon and touring on the hill to the south of town centre hosted the cross country Norwegian championship 2012, and the national biathlon championship will be held here in 2014.

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